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Brow reshaping


The flat, horizontal brow resembles innocence, pure and impulsive; while the arched eyebrow resembles confidence and gives the image of sensuality. Botox procedure can help to reshape your brow - it's simple, fast and effective.

Few tiny injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A (popularly known as Botox or BTA) into specific areas of the eyebrow and forehead muscle help to elevate and reshape the eyebrows. When Botox is injected into a muscle, it blocks impulses from the nerve to the injected facial muscles. The muscles become relaxed and dormant. Botox is target specific, which means only the injected muscles do not contract while the untreated facial muscles continue to contract in a normal fashion allowing facial expression.

Brow lift procedure using Botox / Dysport

The physician, after analysing the eyebrow, shall plan the site of injection and the amount of Botox required for the procedure. Treatment involves injection of very small amounts of Botox using a very tiny needle into the Corrugator and Frontalis muscles. Occasionally forehead lines may need to be corrected / reduced in order to achieve optimal brow lift results. The Treatment is well tolerated and takes just a short time with minimal recovery. The area can also be prepared with a topical anaesthetic cream to make the procedure more comfortable. Botox takes effect on the injected muscles about 3 to 7 days after Treatment.

Brow lift results

The brow lift effect of Botox last anytime between 4 to 6 months after which it gradually fades. In some individuals, for no known reason, the effects may last longer or shorter than the published information. Once the longevity of Botox wears out, the nerve impulse gradually re-establishes and the muscle activity reverts to its original condition. Once muscle activity is restored, the eyebrow gradually reverts to its original shape.


The cost of a brow lift using Botox is approximately RM 600 - RM 800. However, occasionally forehead lines may need to be corrected / reduced in order to achieve optimal brow lift results; if so, the cost may range from RM 800 - RM 1200.

Safety, risks and side effects

Botox procedure is considered as one of the safest and well-regulated cosmetic procedures ever. It has been in practice for more than 20 years and leading Medical Societies, along with the US FDA regulate most of the Botox procedures. Regular injections of Botox into the facial muscles have been clinically proven to be harmless, produces longer-lasting results and effectively delays the onset of aging skin.
Side effects are minimal and typically relate to the local injection. Soreness or mild bruising, while uncommon, may occur around the injection site. Rarely, there might be temporary weakness and subsequently, drooping of the eyelid.
There is no limitation to the patient’s normal activity / lifestyle after the procedure and the patient can proceed with his / her routine chores as usual. Botox injection is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, while on antibiotics or at sites that has any infection.

Types of eyebrow

Horizontal eyebrow
The flat, horizontal brow resembles innocence, pure, sincere, and impulsive.

Arched eyebrow reshaping
The arched, confident and dynamic eyebrow, giving the image of sensuality.

Flared eyebrow reshaping
The flared, exotic eyebrow giving an image of being artistic and romantic.

Picture gallery

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Horizontal brow lift using BotoxFlared brow lift using BotoxArched brow lift using BotoxFlared brow lift using Botox

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