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Skin Club

Skin Club is one of the most advanced cosmetic procedure centre in Kuala Lumpur. Equipped with a range of lasers and medical expertise, treatments are designed with no frills and with a "straight to the point"¯ concept.


Treatments are designed by DermaGenesis - Australia. Skin Club constantly updates its technology and clinical procedures to ensure that procedures are in accordance to international standards.

Fair Pricing Policy

Skin Club is renowned for its fair pricing policy (monitored by DermaGenesis Australia) to ensure that all Clients are granted cost effective and fair prices. Skin Club is well known for its insignia - safe, effective and affordable treatment.


DermaGenesis is an Aesthetic Development Centre that pioneers in Aesthetic Medical Services, Aesthetic Education & Aesthetic Operations.


Skin Club procedures are constantly updated by DermaGenesis Research & Development Unit, based in Australia.


Skin Club has various discounts & promotions to ensure that the procedures are affordable, yet safe and effective.

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